Friday, August 24, 2012

(Everywhere you see a plus, add the digit to your total)

                Google Plus, one of the newer social media sites on the World Wide Interwebs, (+1) has a lot of ways for you to share all that great information you have been collecting in the deep dark recesses of your beautiful mind. While this is statement is true, it does seem that not enough of the Google plus users are actually engaging in this wonderful material. (+1) Most links go unclicked, most comments are ignored, and links in comments are like the overlooked children of poverty scattered all across the globe. (+2)

                Grasping hold of this valuable information is just the first of many steps in the overall reform of social media etiquette. This reform is coming and soon all will be learning what it truly means to be active in social media. This means no one word comments that stifle the creative process and slow discussions to a crawling pace. Only a few can agree to disagree and move the topic of discussion along, not allowing them to disintegrate into boorish behavior and silly name calling games. (+3)

                If I am correct in my assumptions, only about 35% of the users that will comment on this post, will have actually read this article to its conclusion to find out the true answer and at least 10% will only give an answer of 2. It is so very sad indeed. (+4)


See attached Picture on my art blog for extra points: (+5)

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